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Guiding Our New World Women Luminaries

New World Women Luminaries


New World Women Luminaries are carefully chosen to provide the highest quality

teachings for expanding consciousness.


NWW Luminaries meet and agree to a 25-Point Criteria of Excellence

and a Promise of Service.


Luminary Criteria and Promise of Service 

New World Women is dedicated to honoring women’s time, attention and needs, ensuring Subscribers can trust all New World Women offerings and know they are never wasting their precious time. New World Women’s chosen Luminaries light the path for those who participate in New World Women.


Luminaries (thought leaders, teachers and experts, vetted by New World Women form a purposeful alliance based on respectful agreements) share the very best life-changing teachings and inspiration with a community of women who uplift one another and rise up together. 

The following points create the conditions for excellence and the fulfillment of the
New World Women promise of knowhow and expansion of consciousness for our


New World Women Luminary
25-Point Criteria of Excellence

1.  Is female of any culture, race, religion, tradition or ability.

2. Embraces the world from a higher consciousness perspective and continues to do her own inner work. She is--or consciously works on--being:

  • loving

  • kindhearted

  • unifying (comes from a “we” consciousness perspective, not a“me”

  • consciousness perspective)

  • connected to her Higher Power (Divine, Universal Intelligence, etc.)

  • respectful to Mother Earth

  • present

  • compassionate

  • calm

  • forgiving

  • non-judgmental

  • anti-racist

  • inclusive

  • honest

  • open-minded

  • thoughtful


3. Speaks kindly and positively about New World Women.

4. Has excellent and clear communication skills.

5. Is a deep and caring listener.

6. Possesses thorough knowledge and passion for her subject matter.

7. Is friendly and approachable.

8. Builds caring relationships with SisStars. 

9. Has a strong work ethic, is prepared, dedicated and committed to New World Women.

10. Behaves in a professional manner, respectful of the role she holds.

11. Builds community.

12. Is an experienced teacher with an established following and/or students.

13. Has services, teachings and/or products that are aligned with New World Women’s  vision in one of the six WEALTH Ways: Wisdom, Enjoyment, Abundance, Love, Tranquility or Health.

14. Has professional branding: business name, tagline, logo and color scheme.

15. Has an excellent, up-to-date website and her own professional presentation materials (documents, video, PowerPoint, etc.).

16. Provides her own marketing materials (professional photo, bio, course description, social media posts, etc.).

17. Is comfortable using Zoom and has attractive background, lighting, etc.

18. Teaches/coaches/writes/contributes pieces for New World Women Magazine aligned with the six New World Women WEALTH Ways.

19. Does not embrace or promote any extremist conspiracy theories that divide. NWW focuses on unity and oneness.

20. Does not promote political commentary or religious dogma in a NWW course, workshop class, written article, podcast, video, etc.

21. Promises to promote New World Women Academy to help women increase their consciousness and prosperity.

22. Agrees to terms and receives the benefits of her New World Women Luminary Founder Subscription.

23. Is approved by New World Women Leadership.

24. Agrees to bring any concerns or issues directly to New World Women leadership for understanding and resolution. 

25. Understands and agrees that being a Luminary is a one-year commitment that will be collaboratively assessed between the Luminary and New World Women leadership nearing the end of her year-long commitment.

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New World Women Luminary
Promise of Service

Promise #1
I promise to continue to nurture myself and expand my consciousness.

Promise #2
I promise to use my gifts, talents and passion to uplift all SisStars in the New World Women community with whom I interact.

Promise #3
I promise to expand the community of New World Women by sharing it with women who could benefit.

Promise #4
I promise to uphold the vision of New World Women in all of my actions related to my role as a New World Women Luminary.

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