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NWW's Abundance-Sharing Model Versus
Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines Multilevel Marketing as a business structure or practice in which an individual seller earns commissions both from direct sales and from the sales of the seller's recruits, of those recruited by the seller's recruits, and so on.

Many women have been involved with MLMs in the past.

For some, the experience did not meet their expectations.




  • many MLMs use a hierarchical system with what can result in              unbalanced levels of compensation

  • there may be a small number of people at the top earning unreasonably      high commissions


  • there may be a larger number of people earning unreasonably small or         

                           no commissions

  • they may have invested a lot of money and/or time with little or no return 

     (or may actually lose money, time or credibility)

New World Women's Model Levels the Playing Field

The last thing a woman needs is another job. What she needs is a healthy relationship with wealth* and a simple path to prosperity that allows her to focus on the things (and people)        she loves.


New World Women's Abundance-Sharing Model has been designed to do just that!


To learn more about how NWW helps women on their path to prosperity, click here

*Wealth comes in many forms. NWW's WEALTH Ways include Wisdom, Enjoyment, Abundance, Love, Tranquility and Health.

How is New World Women different?

Every New World Women Subscriber is financially rewarded for participating in activities such as learning, nurturing herself and helping others. 

NWW pays Subscribers in three ways:

  1. Pursables

  2. Referral Payments

  3. Commissions (on Premium Courses, Products and Services)

New World Women Academy uses a unique rewards system (called "Pursables") and specially-designed software to automatically track each Subscribers' participation.

In addition to Pursables, NWW Subscribers earn monthly commissions using a dual-level affiliate structure as a reward for sharing NWW's vision with other women who become Subscribers.

This word-of-mouth way of sharing the vision builds relationships and saves marketing and promotion dollars - which increases abundance for all! 

To be clear, Subscribers are not distributors or sales people.

Sharing NWW with others is completely optional.

NWW's Abundance-Sharing Model Versus Multilevel Marketing

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*Non-performance-based Subscriber placement ensures equity for all Subscribers

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