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What Women Are Saying About New World Women

Annette Rugolo

Carole Hyder

Michele Rae

Amy Theisen

Dr. Valorie Prahl

Deb Mechley

Denise Hollis

Nada Hogan

Kristine Beck

Susan Cevette

Shannon Poppie

Anna Forliti

winnie chin web hpoto.jpg

“Your vision is my vision. You touch my heart deeply and I am in total resonance with you.


We are rewarded for our actions. I love this. You volunteer, you get points. You take care of yourself, you get points. Personal development, you get points.


I would have been so rich by now for all the volunteering in the other years – where were you?!? Women are not the victims here. We are the light. To be seen, do not be afraid to shine.


Let’s light up the world together.”


~ Winnie Chin

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