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Meet the Co-Founders

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Shawn Vougeot

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Mecca Page

 Envision a world in which all people enjoy freedom, abundance and love,
shining their light in creative and purpose-filled ways.
The New World Women vision starts with women because when women do better, 
their families and communities benefit and the world is changed for good.

Dawn Morningstar was raised by three women who taught her to be kind, tenacious and self-empowered. Dawn is an award-winning author, master coach, podcast host, educator, TEDx Speaker (Oakland), former radio talk show host and devoted advocate for women’s self-empowerment. Since her book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World” was published in 2016, Dawn has spoken to groups of all sizes over 1,000 times.

After coaching women for 30 years, Dawn founded Venerable Women in 2013 and has most recently co-founded New World Women with Mecca Page and Shawn Vougeot. Both organizations teach women to be kind, tenacious and self-empowered! New World Women expands women’s consciousness and increases their prosperity using a very unique model.

One of Dawn’s great journeys to higher consciousness began in 2015 when she spent 21 days in the silence in India being taught by enlightened monks. She shares and teaches the philosophy that humans need not live in suffering, but rather in beautiful states of consciousness.

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"Living in a beautiful state is possible through conscious awakening of the feminine principles of love, kindness, collaboration, inclusion and compassion—which are present within each person." - Dawn Morningstar

Shawn Vougeot
Chief Executive Officer

As a plant-powered singer, songwriter, classical violinist, television producer, and videographer, Shawn Vougeot is geared up and ready to flip our current socio-economic paradigm on its head. 


Having been raised by a single Mom who inspired her to become a creative, educated, empathetic, and self-sufficient woman, Shawn has trumpeted the message of the critical importance of women’s self-sufficiency for decades through her songwriting and performance. 


From 2017-2020, she created and led Empowering Women, a women’s networking, education, and support group in the Twin Cities (Minnesota). 


Now, in collaboration with the brilliance of co-creators Dawn Morningstar and Mecca Page, Shawn’s vision is unfolding even bigger in a tangible way through New World Women Academy ~ helping women achieve financial liberation through elevated consciousness and a supportive community, so we can all shine our most vibrant lights upon the world.

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"I'm geared up and ready to flip our current socio-economic paradigm on its head." - Shawn Vougeot

Mecca Page
Creative Director

A sailor at birth and an artist at heart, Mecca Page has navigated life with tenacity and passion for self-discovery, self-expression and self-sufficiency. In 1970, at age ten (the peak of the Women’s Liberation Movement), Mecca was the first woman to win first place in Widgeon Class at the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association’s Regatta in Charleston, SC. She has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean and Coral Seas. In addition to extensive world travel, Mecca and her husband lived aboard their sailboat in Guatemala and Belize for five years.


A retired healthcare administrator and twice widowed, Mecca founded BreakAway Arts in 2015, providing art classes and art therapy to people of all ages and abilities. In 2019, she paired with Dawn Morningstar and Venerable Women. Now she has partnered with Shawn Vougeot and Dawn Morningstar, co-founding New World Women to help women navigate their own lives through expanded consciousness and greater financial freedom.


“Each of us is like a small boat sailing upon an endless sea. We set our sails, plot a course and constantly make adjustments - depending on tides, currents, wind, waves and weather. We discover the meaning of life in the eye of the storm, enjoy immense freedom in the power of our sails and embody the gift of our Divine when we are one with the flow.” -  Mecca Page

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