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A veteran of corporate, commercial and creative communications, host, interviewer, and filmmaker, Dale Allen is a firm believer in the reparative power of the sacred feminine. As a public speaker and performer, she has captivated audiences all across the globe. She has spent 25 years presenting her thought-provoking work titled In Our Right Minds. Having first gained attention as a musical theater show, it has grown and taken on various mediums. After receiving acclaim as a multimedia dynamic one-woman show, and an award-winning film, In Our Right Minds is now a highly anticipated book.

In Our Right Minds is a sweeping journey covered efficiently and clearly in short order - judiciously illuminating the history and relevance of the Goddess archetype, its impact on societies where this archetype is active, as well as its connection to our right-brain way of both attending to - and shaping - the world. In Our Right Minds garners praise for being well-researched, organized, clear, level, balanced, without blame, and inclusive of all the human family.
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