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New World Women's Six WEALTH Ways

New World Women provides inspiration and knowledge in

six essential areas of women's lives.

Using the acronym WEALTH for these six areas, New World Women teaches

that wealth comes in many forms.

These WEALTH Ways are the core of our learning and inspiration.

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Gain insights and wisdom such as:

  • Intuition

  • Feng Shui 

  • Astrological Archetypes and Wellbeing

  • Ancient Wisdom and the New World Woman

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Explore what gives you joy such as:

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Increase your prosperity such as:

  • Basic Money Management

  • Money as Energy

  • Prosperity Teachings

  • Women in Business

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Live with heart such as:

  • Relationships (self, family, community, world)

  • Self-Nurturance

  • Divine Connection

  • Mother Earth

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Soothe your soul such as:

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Live with vitality such as:

  • Mind & Body 

  • Movement & Exercise

  • Wholeness & Wellbeing

  • Nutrition

  • Environmental Healing of Home, Office & Land

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