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Upcoming Events

Join Us Thursday, June 20th
6 Steps to Your Goddess Connection
Featuring Kelly Applegate-Nichols
Creator and Host of The Girlfriend God Podcast

One lucky women on the call will win a 45-minute zoom session for Goddess spiritual counseling.

Are you intrigued by the idea of having the Goddess in your life to guide and support you? In search of the Goddess, do you want to go beyond the theological or intellectual and have a personal relationship with Her that will enhance your life? Do you want to surrender yourself to Her care and let go of what’s been holding you back?


Join us for a sacred gathering so you can explore how to fulfill your basic desires of feeling good—and being happy and loved—all with the help of the Goddess.

On this call you will:

1. Learn how to get grounded in reality and shift your perception so you see what a miracle your life really is!

2. Experience opening your heart to love (and the love of the Goddess for you), through finally claiming that you are good enough.

3. Determine your Holy Trinity—one of your own making, with the power of the number three inspiring you as its magic has done for millennia.

Join Us Monday, June 3rd
The 3 Levels of the Law of Attraction
Featuring Annette Rugolo
Master Diamond Dowser, Dowser Teacher and Soul Coach
This one-hour Zoom call is one session in a 12-series course entitled 
Enlightened Environments: Healing Home, Office and Mother Earth
You do not have to attend all sessions to enjoy this session and benefit from its wisdom. 
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