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Having Courageous Conversations

by Michele Rae, Transformational Intuitive Coach

Empowered relationships, a sense of belonging

and connection contribute to our wellbeing.

How do we improve our relationships and expand our circles of belonging to enhance our own lives and our community?

One tool is to engage in courageous conversations. These conversations invite us to remain curious, be open minded, listen deeply and ask genuine - even challenging questions. In respectful conversations, everyone counts.

Courageous conversations are a stark contrast to polarizing or divisive messaging delivered with blame, defensiveness, fear, hostility and imposition.

Yes, courageous conversations can sometimes be difficult or even uncomfortable. They require intention, practice, tolerance and kindness. And they seek to understand and to look for common ground.

Having trust in the ability to discuss essential topics directly and honestly is key for healthy individuals, relationships and communities.

As a transformational coach, clients often request support to increase their confidence in courageous conversations.

They know that strengthening their ability to respond instead of overreacting will benefit their personal and professional relationships.

Responding instead of reacting also keeps their prefrontal cortex and executive functioning skills active instead of falling into fight/flight or protect/defend mode!

Everyone benefits by having full access to their executive functioning skills which include:


working memory

emotion control


task initiation



time management

defining and achieving goals



stress tolerance

Two examples of my authentic communication cards that I utilize in my practice.

I developed these to assist in non-violent communication

and conversational intelligence.

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