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Women of the World Unite

Updated: May 4

by Dale Allen, Filmmaker, Author, Producer, Podcast

generations of children (which, of course, includes care of our earth).  While the Parliament Convening churned around us, each guest and I drew-in close within the womb-like interview space I’d created.

Here, the women spoke from their hearts, aligning with the deepest core of what matters to them in their faith, their lives, their families, their work.  One after another, I listened to, I received, and I honored these women.

This series of interviews gave me a sense of peace and reassurance. The women are activated, and their love cannot be stopped. And I believe that listening to a woman speak from her heart, empowers us as women to find our own voices, and to take action from our hearts as well.  

What does your love-in-action look like? How are you sharing your heart and vision? 

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