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NWW's Birds of a Feather Together Call Replay Description
In Our Right Minds • On the Sacred Feminine, the Right Brain and Restoring Humanity’s Natural Balance
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Dale Allen
Author, Filmmaker, Producer, Podcast Host
Terri Allred BFTC 2024 Replay
About this replay:

Inside your own cranium, across the corpus callosum from your typical perspective on yourself and the world, is a very wise, open, creative, deeply empathetic, big-picture perspective – that of your right brain. Both sides of our brains are at work at all times for all tasks, but it is the way we attend to the world that affects the world we see – and create. Further, our right brain connects us with the attributes and energy of the sacred feminine.

Celebrate the archetype of the goddess. This archetype is a part of all humans, but it has been suppressed. She’ll discuss our lost herstory when the goddess was known, and discover why reconnecting to this heritage affects us personally today, as well as our cultures. As we energize the goddess archetype within, we exercise our conscious decision to access our right-brain perspective.

Take Aways:

Some of the things we will touch on:

What is your concept of the Creator? How do you feel about the word, “Goddess?”

Often, women are afraid to stand out, speak up, be noticed, take leadership, and be in their full power. Learn about the untold history of women and the psychic shackles that remain in us today.

Learn also about the history before gender hierarchy was established, and experience the healing that comes when we open to our natural balance.

How do our brains work? Inside your own cranium is a profound intelligence that is your birthright. It is the wise perspective of your right brain.

Consider body image. Embracing the many forms of feminine beauty, power, and presence is beneficial for both men and women (all humans). See how images of the sacred feminine can be so reparative.

You are co-creator of humanity’s future. Align with your innate wisdom and let it guide your life and radiate outward in healing waves.

About this Luminary

A veteran of corporate, commercial and creative communications, host, interviewer, and filmmaker, Dale Allen is a firm believer in the reparative power of the sacred feminine. As a public speaker and performer, she has captivated audiences all across the globe. She has spent 25 years presenting her thought-provoking work titled In Our Right Minds. Having first gained attention as a musical theater show, it has grown and taken on various mediums. After receiving acclaim as a multimedia dynamic one-woman show, and an award-winning film, In Our Right Minds is now a highly anticipated book.

In Our Right Minds is a sweeping journey covered efficiently and clearly in short order - judiciously illuminating the history and relevance of the Goddess archetype, its impact on societies where this archetype is active, as well as its connection to our right-brain way of both attending to - and shaping - the world. In Our Right Minds garners praise for being well-researched, organized, clear, level, balanced, without blame, and inclusive of all the human family.

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