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NWW Luminary Profile
Kelly Applegate-Nichols is a Ministerial Priestess, and spiritual pathfinder, and the host of the popular Girlfriend God podcast. One of the things she loves doing most is helping other people find their way on a Goddess path. Whether people are just discovering Her or have traveled many of Her roads and are just looking to “settle in,” it brings her great joy to help them find clarity about what makes their heart happy. It is also easy to get lost out there in the world, so she’s also passionate about helping souls who have wandered off the path a little due to life’s circumstances; stress, tragedy, financial woes. Whatever it is, she revels in helping them return to the loving arms of their Mother.

Kelly is also a prolific researcher and writer, currently working on her fourth fiction book and conducting research for a book about the Antlered Goddess and deer symbolism across millennia, cultures, and geographic locations. Her essays and poetry for the Goddess can be found on her website at, the Feminism & Religion blog, the New World Women blog, and her pseudonym website for fiction,
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