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NWW's Birds of a Feather Together Call Replay Description
Being & Becoming: The Neurobiology of Your Heart
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Ellen Slater
Evidence-based Intuitive Therapist
Terri Allred BFTC 2024 Replay
About this replay:

Do you ever wonder why humans are so caught in the thinking mind? Do you intellectually understand compassion, yet have trouble sustainably practicing it? Are you interested in deeply embodying self-compassion, and even teaching it to others? Come learn practices to expand your heart and build neuropathways of intuition and love.

Join Ellen and Dawn in an accessible conversation about the “heart brain”-- which has 40,000 sensory neurons sending information up to the brain. Learn how to integrate heart wisdom into your everyday life and the lives of those you love. Ellen & Dawn have recently created a 12-Episode Podcast Series called Being and Becoming. They have both dedicated their careers, a combined 50 years of experience, to discover paths to accepting ourselves as we are while also growing into the most peaceful and joyful version of ourselves. We love to discuss these paradoxes, along with lots of laughter. Please join us in activating your heart.

Take Aways:

Three learning/experiential outcomes:

1. Learn evidence based practices that activate the heart
2. Discover and strengthen the language of your heart
3. Understand the connection between heart and brain

About this Luminary

With a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Psychological Services from Northwestern University, Ellen earned a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. She has specialized training in trauma, anxiety, and substance use, highlighted by a Fellowship with the Center of Excellence in Substance Abuse Training at the Seattle Veteran Affairs Hospital.

Ellen teaches the Compassion Cultivation Cycle™ (CCC), which is a model she designed from her experience and training in Neurobiology, Polyvagal and Attachment Theories, and Ecology. The CCC is a framework to understand shame, anxiety, depression and other forms of suffering, and how to sustainably transform these experiences to build resilience and self-compassion throughout your life. Ellen completed a year-long immersion program in Interpersonal Neurobiology under the guidance of international expert Dr. Bonnie Badenoch. As a certified yoga instructor she seamlessly integrates breathing and movement into trainings, workshops, and therapy. She would love to share practice with you.

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