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NWW's Birds of a Feather Together Call Replay Description
The 5 States of Awareness
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Dawn Morningstar
Women's Self-Empowerment Coach and New World Women Co-Founder
Terri Allred BFTC 2024 Replay
About this replay:

Dawn will share a helpful concept called The 5 States of Awareness, which she created in 2014 and has taught to hundreds of people over the last decade.

Take Aways:

1. Recognize how we may flow from one state of awareness to another.

2. Learn what each state of awareness means.

3. Discover where you are most of the time.

About this Luminary

Dawn has been a women’s self-empowerment coach for over three decades, an award-winning author, a TEDX speaker, radio host and is a co-founder of New World Women. Dawn wrote her amazing book “Venerable Women” Transform Ourselves, Transform the World” in 2016 and developed yearlong programs for women based on the 12 Venerable Attitudes in the book.

She focused on women’s relationship with themselves, with the Divine and with others--and then took it a step further and taught leaderships skills to women coaches, facilitators, business women, healers and spiritual leaders. She has given talks about the concepts in her book over 1200 times including her TEDx talk in California a few years ago.

Dawn has two daughters who light her life and her heart daily. She lives in a historic home in St. Paul, Minnesota with her little dog, Pica. And of course, Dawn is a co-founder of New World Women, for which she says she was born to be!

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