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Annette Rugolo
Featured guest speaker, NWW Luminary and First Founder

How to Be the Light
(or stay connected to the light)
as we go into the dark days of winter

Women have struggled for empowerment,
independence and economic sufficiency for centuries.​

In the United States, the numbers and comparisons are surprising: 
(2019 statistics)

  • One in every four women experienced violence by an intimate partner; only one in seven men experienced the same​.

  • Ten times more women live in poverty as opposed to men: 21.4 million women vs. 2.1 million men.

  • 10.5 million children live in poverty - mostly in women's households.

  • Women earned 82 cents for every dollar earned by men.

  • Sixty-nine percent of the lowest wage earners are women.


Are you tired of the old system

and ready for change?

Do you dream about:

  • generously nurturing yourself, your family and your friends?

  • learning the secret practices for a life of freedom, abundance and joy?

  • not having to worry about money anymore?

  • liberating yourself from unhealthy relationships?

  • sharing your gifts with the world and being rewarded for your efforts?

  • spending more time with a healthy Mother Earth?

  • living in a beautiful state of consciousness?

  • a world where everyone enjoys their own version of happiness and wealth?


It's Time for Change

New World Women
offers women the change they are looking for 

  • Daily top-level teachings and inspiration

  • Easy to access, use and enjoy

  • Minimal time commitment

  • Sisterhood in a community of like-hearted women

  • Loving support 

  • New perspectives to create a life you love

  • Reward payments for self-care and care of others

       (Yes! You get paid to be good to yourself and others.)


Like the two wings of a bird,

expanding a woman's consciousness and supporting her to achieve economic sufficiency, New World Women and its unique income-sharing

model help her take flight as a self-empowered woman,

free to share her gifts with the world.

 A New Vision, A New World!

New World Women is a subscription-based daily online
learning and inspiration community for women that teaches self-empowerment
AND rewards women for learning and nurturing themselves
through income sharing and referral payments. 


Change your life and the lives of those you love.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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Let's build this new world together!

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 Envision a world in which all people enjoy freedom, abundance and love,
shining their light in creative and purpose-filled ways.
The New World Women vision starts with women because when women do better, 
their families and communities benefit and the world is changed for good.