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New World Women LIVE Course
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Linda Lundquist

Care for You, Care for the World: Using Heartmath

Presented by Linda Lundquist, Heartmath Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer and Author

This is for you if you:

1. want to learn ways to tune into your heart’s intelligence.

2. are ready to have more resilience and peace in how you respond to life.

3. want to experience Extreme Self-Care.

4. need to de-stress and regulate your heart on a daily basis.


Deep in my heart and soul I believe we are evolving, changing, and moving towards a New World where love & compassion will lead the way.

Since I was a young girl I always felt there was something huge coming in the future and many of us would be part of this. When I danced with Kairos Dance Troupe there were times when I would jump in the air and spin with ecstasy and several times where I nearly fell. It feels like we are unfurling to a new world, but never sure how we will land.

Many of us have been given the gift of meeting women worldwide who share our knowings now and are now called to go forth together. Our work may be hard, arduous, even life threatening, but at our cores LOVE, JOY, COMPASSION, JUSTICE AND UNDERSTANDING will prevail as we lead in the ways to a new world.

Scientific research conducted by the Heartmath institute in California has focused on the heart for the past 25 years. I will share ways to access our hearts’ intelligence and how this changes every aspect of our lives and those around us.

I look forward to sharing my insights with you!

Linda Lundquist

Number of Sessions: 2 (one per week)

Recorded live on Zoom

Replays available

WEALTH Ways: Health, Tranquility, Wisdom

Session Titles & Descriptions

Tune into Your Heart’s Intelligence: The Core of Heartmath
Learn Heartmath basics and two simple practices to live with less stress by tuning into your heart’s intelligence. You will also learn to regulate your heart and feel a new sense of peace no matter what is going on around you!

Session 2
Let Peace Begin with You: How Your Inner Peace Helps the World Be More Peaceful
Experience two new easy practices to engage with your heart and learn how what your heart does impacts the peace in the world beyond you.

About Your NWW Luminary Teacher

Linda Lundquist is honored to be a part of New World Women. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Linda grew up near Lake Nokomis, which instilled in her a deep love of nature.

Though she finds great joy sharing her abundant gifts, the loving relationships she has with her son, identical twin daughters and grandchildren, brings her more joy than she could have ever imagined.

A Special Education teacher for 33 years, with her daughters following in her footsteps and her great aunties being the first women teachers to graduate from their university in the1920s, Linda knows that teaching is in the blood and bones of the women in her family.

Linda worked with indigenous leaders, learned Reiki, which few had heard of 28 years ago (having one friend asked if she was trained in “raking leaves”) and is a certified therapeutic massage therapist.

She is a sound healer, is trained in Qigong, and after 21 years finally made her dream to write her book, “Corky the Wonderdog,” a reality. Most recently Linda became trained as a Heartmath facilitator. Her mantra is: may we lead from our hearts as women reigning in a new world based on love!

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