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September 4, 2022
Althea Gibson: Sharing Her Light

This is an exciting time for women tennis players! Sisters Serena and Venus Williams have changed modern-day tennis with their talent and tenacity in immeasurable ways--and continue to do so to this day.

A woman who is to be given great credit for the success of women of color in sports--and women in general, is Althea Gibson.

It’s beyond sad that a person’s skin color was ever an issue, yet in America, though improving, it remains true. Still, we move forward. Looking back helps us see how women pioneers in many areas of life have helped us all progress.

In 1956, Althea Gibson became the first Black American to win a Grand Slam title (in the French Championships) and the following year, she won both Wimbledon AND the US Nationals!!!

"I am honored to have followed in such great footsteps," wrote Venus Williams. "Her accomplishments set the stage for my success, and through players like myself and Serena and many others to come, her legacy will live on.”

Ms. Gibson was voted Associated Press’ Female Athlete of the Year and won 11 Grand Slam tournaments, five singles titles, five doubles titles and one mixed doubles title.

Her induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame made her what many saw as “one of the greatest players who ever lived.”

Althea Gibson was also the first Black player to compete in the Women’s Professional Golf Tour.

May each of us remain inspired to do that which is in our hearts to do. You know what that is for you. Please share your valuable gifts so we create a beautiful new world together.

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