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September 19, 2021
4 Benefits of Playfulness

"Being playful liberates the mind, opens the heart and lifts the spirit.
Take the time to play today."

Life can be so serious these days, don’t you think? There are many significant changes occurring socially, economically, spiritually--you name it and there is something transforming. Transformation is necessary and wonderful for sure, yet can cause a feeling of heaviness--if we leave out a sense of play, enjoyment or fun.

New World Women find great value in being playful. Here are four reasons why (and you can probably add a few yourself!):

1. Being playful increases joy--and adds delight to everyday occurrences. The next time you go for a walk, try hopping or skipping just once--and be reminded of how you felt as a child.

2. Playing the game of gratitude makes everything and everyone vibrate at a higher frequency. To play this game, find 100 things in one day for which to be grateful. You may quickly realize you could increase that number to 1,000 or more! People, places and things respond positively to genuine gratitude.

3. Playfulness creates a sense of lightness. With so many heavy things happening in our world (and maybe in your own life), lightness is a welcome balm. Try looking at something that can usually make you feel upset and see it as a cartoon or absurd joke. Laughter lightens every situation. This does not mean you don’t care--but rather you are open to movement in the situation--from heavy to light please!

4. Play increases energy. Life situations can cause us to leak out and decrease our energy. Try increasing and uplifting your energy by laughing with a good friend about something from back in the day, watching a movie that you know will make you laugh, playing a game with a few generations of folks, listening to music and here it comes--dance like no one is watching!!!

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