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NWW Weekly Connection

September 10, 2023
Traditions, Rituals and Milestone-Markers

Are you faithful to a favorite holiday tradition, one that began a generation or more ago in your family? Or perhaps you’ve created your own?

Do you have certain rituals, such as taking time each morning to greet the day by gratitude-journaling, meditating or moving your body?

And are you one who takes time to honor milestones in your own life or in the lives of those you love?

What traditions, rituals and milestone-markers have in common is that each one displays or honors something important we wish to preserve or keep alive—because it has meaning to us.

And they tend to bring us smack-dab into the moment, honoring what was, as well as what can be.

When we go within by taking a conscious pause and breathing with awareness, we can begin to make every moment have meaning.

Each moment can become like the traditions, rituals and milestone-markers that are significant to a well-lived life—acknowledging the very privilege and joy of living this human experience!

Every second is precious and can become a celebration of what it means to be alive here on Mother Earth. We, as humans, can get so bogged down focusing on what’s not as we’d like it to be, that we may forget the extraordinary experience of life we’ve been gifted by our Divine.

Let’s remember to remember.

Nature generously displays her traditions, rituals and milestones and invites us to join her.

And just like those of people, Nature's honorings are made up moment-by-moment: a leaf transforming her color, tone by tone, a starry night sky hosting a swirling Aurora Borealis, the temperature changing, degree by degree, an ocean tide rising and falling.

Nature is present. Maybe that’s why we feel so good experiencing her.

In Nature’s presence, we feel present.

Nature is one big, fabulous celebration of life. Her traditions, rituals and milestones are built in. Nature lives her meaning in each moment. She celebrates herself. She knows what she is. She honors her gifts. She loves herself.

Let’s be like Nature.

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