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NWW Weekly Connection

October 8, 2023
The Sweet Gift of Acknowledgement

If you think back to some of the most wonderful gifts you’ve ever been given from another, high on the list would probably be acknowledgment. Witnessing someone’s actions and letting them know you truly see or hear them, is nectar for the soul—yours and theirs.

Because you are attracted to New World Women’s message and energy, you are most likely one who nurtures others, has deep compassion and envisions a new world of love, connection and abundance for all. You are a giver.

One of our NWW Luminary teachers writes a monthly newsletter to her followers encouraging them to live as their highest and best selves. It’s beautiful. It occurred to us that a short acknowledgment of her work, sent via email, would feel meaningful to her. The email took two minutes to write and send.

Her response? “Thank you for hearing and seeing me. As a coach, I don’t often find myself on the receiving end.” Surely that quick, yet heartfelt acknowledgment, made her day.

We may give compliments to those in our lives, which is quite lovely, yet acknowledgment goes deeper.

Feel the difference in depth of these two examples:

“I really like your sweater.”
"I love how you choose clothes that reflect your creativity.”


“I enjoyed reading your newsletter.”
“I appreciate how you take such care to inspire us each month by creating and sending us your newsletter.”

In number one in each example, you are expressing what you like or how you benefited, which is certainly fine. In example number two, you are expressing who that person is at her core and how you see her more deeply.

Acknowledgment is another way to say “I love you.”

We all want to be seen, heard and loved for who we are. When we are acknowledged by another, we feel this.

Who could you acknowledge in an intentional way? How will you let them know?

Imagine the rise in positive energy as we all see and hear one another’s greatness. This is one way we create our new world.

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