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NWW Weekly Connection

October 24, 2021
3 Messages from the Lioness in the Dream

The woman was awake enough to know she was dreaming. In twilight sleep, she saw herself surrounded by women and animals in various states of discomfort. She felt great compassion for them as she navigated her way through a thick gray mist.

As the dream continued, the woman looked to her left and saw a majestic, tranquil lioness at her side. The woman and the lioness felt as though they were one and continued on their journey--to where the woman did not know.

From the lioness’s ample paws, the woman saw food, clothing, water and many other necessities appearing with rapid speed. The woman immediately began sharing these gifts with the women and the animals who appeared to be suffering.

The women and animals became energized and joyful and began sharing their good fortune with others all around them. It was a beautiful sight to see.

The woman awoke and looked up the meaning of a lioness in a dream. This is what she learned:

1. It is the lioness who does most of the hunting and cares for the young.

2. The lioness is the quintessential symbol of female power.

3. The lioness is a symbol of divine sisterhood--women supporting women.

May you invoke the power and grace of the lioness in your life, dear sister!

We invite you to join our New World Women sisterhood of like-hearted women and if you already have, to keep sharing your support and wisdom with all of us!

Ready for better, we are co-creating a new world together.

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