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NWW Weekly Connection

October 22, 2023
No Word for War

Many of us in New World Women are uniting our hearts to create world peace, starting within ourselves. Will you join us?

“As above, so below,
as within, so without,
as the universe, so the soul ...”

~ Hermes Trismegistus
(author or source of the Hermetic writings, works of revelation)

Two of the most challenging things for we humans is to truly understand that we are One and that self-examination and inner healing create conditions for peace.

What we do and how we show up in the world, directly and indirectly, energetically impacts us, and everything around and beyond us.

Can we, for a moment, look beyond the separation, hatred, greed and ignorance (and the war energy that results) in our world right now—and imagine a world where there is no war?

Can we imagine, as though it is real, humanity working together to respect one another’s existence, solve problems and truly, truly love one another?

Can we imagine a world in which there is no longer a need for the word war?

Let’s start within ourselves, dear Sisters. Becoming crystal clear on the benefit and value of looking inside with honesty and courage, creates the conditions for a more peaceful self and a peaceful world around us.

If you are willing, go deep and ask yourself the following questions:

1. How do I “war” within myself?

2. How am I seeing the connection between my own inner turmoil and turmoil in the world?

3. In what ways do I intentionally create peace, kindness and love?

Am I able to see clearly and value the power I have to create peace on Mother Earth?

When you have answered these questions, now ask yourself:

What internal actions am I taking to add peace to life on Mother Earth?

How willing am I to embrace love over fear?

Women hold a great resonance of the Divine Feminine within them. Let us use the energies of love, compassion and kindness toward ourselves, one another and Mother Earth.

We are not helpless. We are powerful beyond comprehension. The old energy of war has no place in the beautiful new world we know is possible. We are creating this new world together.

Thank you, dear Sister, for doing your part by being the most loving, peaceful version of your Divine self you can be.

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