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October 10, 2021
5 Ways the Triple Goddess Inspires Us to Take Flight

"You will experience the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. These phases are symbolic to not just your own life, but life as a whole: birth, life and death. As a woman, it is important to understand you are the cycle." - Emma Mildon

Women’s sacred gifts, talents and healing abilities are needed now more than ever – yet women have struggled for empowerment, independence and economic sufficiency for centuries. So what’s still holding women back?

The Triple Goddess (three expressions of a woman’s life associated with the phases of the Moon: Maiden, Mother, Crone) may have some answers for us.

Some attributes of the Maiden are:

- Self-confidence

- Intelligence

- Independence

- Self expression

- Creativity

These are her roots. Where are her wings today in these times?

For centuries Patriarchy, a system of unhealthy masculine rule has harmed many. Rather than fight against old structures, let us REPLACE THEM! Replace division with community, exclusion with inclusion, competition with collaboration, fear with love.

Some attributes of the Mother:

- Nurturance

- Responsibility

- Adulthood

- Life

- Manifestation

These are her roots. Where are her wings today in these times?

Some attributes of the Crone:

- Profound wisdom

- Endings including death

- Rebirth

- Transformation

- Visions, prophecy and guidance

These are her roots. Where are her wings today in these times?

In order for women to take flight they benefit from:

- Having a community of like-hearted women who get them

- Staying inspired

- Receiving the knowledge, knowhow and support they need

- Developing authentic self-confidence

- Expanding their prosperity and influence

These are five ways New World Women supports women who are ready for better. New World Women First Founders understand this and are integral to this vision.

We hope you stay engaged as we build this new world together -- and consider becoming a First Founder yourself.

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