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NWW Weekly Connection

October 1, 2023
In Which Camp Is Your Sacred Tent?

Each Friday, the three of us meet to tend and nurture the many aspects of New World Women. We work throughout the week and have other meetings, yet Fridays always feel special.

Tea steaming from our favorite mugs, we start our meetings with a personal check-in and then go into the Silence together to listen to the deep communication from our Divine.

During our check-ins, occasionally we discuss challenging things going on in our world—and there are many.

Antithetical to what the news and over-culture insist we focus upon, we always conclude the very same thing: Our World is Getting Better.

Okay, so if you’re scratching your head with puzzlement, we get it. There is much going on that is unkind, dividing and actually evil.

AND there is an awakening of consciousness on this planet, unlike any in human history!

We three are in a beautifully unique position because we get to meet with so many of you who continue to do your own inner healing work and are sharing your gifts of loving service from a place of peace, wisdom and knowing. And we are only seeing the very tippy top of this iceberg of evolution that's taking place.

Imagine two campgrounds (which is funny because one of us has never been camping!). In one, the tents are dark, gloomy and fearful. The women stay inside, afraid, sad and angry. They spend their days in the old world of patriarchy, and at night they sleep fitfully, never greeting the next day feeling fully awake and alive.

In the other campground, the tents are decorated with ribbons, shells and sparkly things and are alight with joy and laughter. With the scent of rose oil, lavender and other precious oils delighting their noses, the women laugh, sing, support one another, heal and dance the dance of hope and transformation.

In this joyful state, they build fires at night and wrap one another in warm shawls. They share their wisdom—and stories of transformation, their own and others’. They remember their Goddess essence and feel their power rise up together. They choose love over fear. They are awake. They weave golden threads to wrap our world in love. They are creating our new world.

Come and sit with us by the fires of love and conscious awakening, sweet Sister.

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