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NWW Weekly Connection

November 7, 2021
3 Reasons Your Ideas, Gifts and Vision are Needed Now More Than Ever

We had heard about it for a long time, but didn’t go.

Then one day, we knew the time was right--we were going to Kinstone, a modern megalithic garden in Fountain City, Wisconsin!

As the three of us wandered through and wondered at the 30 acres of sanctuary of peace and beauty, we knew it was unlike anything we’d ever seen.

Stone circles, alignments to Solstices and Equinoxes, a classical Labyrinth, chapel, pond, prairie land and breath-taking views of the Mississippi inspired us beyond words.

We knew we had to meet the visionary who had created this miracle and our will to do that was strong and united.

Entering the education building on the grounds, we were greeted by a woman who exuded kindness, power and vision. It was Kristine Beck, the founder/creator of Kinstone.

Kristine’s story captivated us. The four of us connected as though we knew each other for many lifetimes. Indeed, we think, we did.

By the end of our time with Kristine, we joyfully agreed to have a New World Women Summer Solstice gathering at Kinstone in June of 2022! (Details will be sent as they emerge!)

Kristine’s story is one that inspires us to take our ideas, gifts and vision and share them with the world.

There are none that are too small or insignificant (or too big!); actions taken from the feminine Divine energy through you have great value.

Your ideas, gifts and vision are what continues to change our world for good. Here’s why:

1) Many old systems and ways of doing things were born out of an unhealthy patriarchy and need to be replaced with feminine attributes that connect, unite and heal. Sharing your energy and ideas benefits all of life.

2) We are living in a time of great awakening. As individuals wake up, they need tender souls to support their growth and forward motion. It is in women’s hearts to nurture others through their unique ways of serving, creating, healing. How are you called to serve in this time of awakening?

3) Many women have not trusted that their offerings have value. This is false. Together, women can support and love each other into sharing gifts, talents, ideas, creativity, healing, helping--then everyone benefits. The time is now.

Please know that you matter. Your ideas matter. Share. The world depends on it.

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