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NWW Weekly Connection

November 6, 2022
Calling all Lightworkers

If you have heard the phrase Lightworker and wondered what that is, if you think you are one but it’s too grand of a title for you—or if you know you are a Lightworker, read on.

We are at a time in human history in which we see two very distinct ways of being. The outcome for our world depends entirely on which we choose to be:

1) Light -- in which we say yes to the above-the-line attributes (love, compassion, kindness, clarity, connection).

2) Heaviness -- where we choose below-the-line attributes (fear, harsh judgment/hatred, mean-spiritedness, confusion, separation).

If you choose to live -- to the very best of your ability --
with the heart of option #1,
you are choosing to be a Lightworker.

Our world needs you to make
the choice to BE all that you wish to SEE.

It’s an inner job, choosing Light,
and the results of your choice matter.

Let’s not become down-trodden by what appears to be “the way things are, nothing we can do about it” and instead choose to BE what we long to see. “As within, so without.”

The Love we wish to see does not come from what others do, but rather, what we do. Open yourself to an influx of Light and share your Light with others.

This simple act to choose Light has very real-world consequences that result in a loving and kind way of being for us, for those we love and for those we may never meet.

Lightworker, stand in your power to change the world for good. Together, we are creating a new world.

This is the time.

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