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NWW Weekly Connection

November 5, 2023
Being an Alchemist of Love

Thank you, beloved Sister, for choosing to walk a path of love, compassion and kindness. Living with such powerful intention can feel like a lonely walk for a while, and then the flame of love in your being attracts others to your light.

Women around the globe are coming together. Magical and purposeful forces are supporting them to find one another and together they stand, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart.

During this time of great transformation upon and within Mother Earth, women’s dreams of a world lived in the high frequency of loving inner power are being manifested.

Do not let the appearance of hatred, greed and separation (dark, dense energies) trick you. It is an illusion. Yes, this illusion has powerful and real effects upon humanity and our Earth, and for this, great compassion is required of us.

Yet, this is not a time to lose heart, as the expression goes. It is quite literally the opposite: activating our hearts is the reason we chose to come here to Mother Earth during this time.

Women’s flame of love is powerful beyond measure, soothing and healing our world when it is awakened fully, trusted for the power it truly is and then practiced to the best of our ability.

Alchemy: transforming one thing into another. Women are alchemists, who hold the power to transform hate into love, darkness to light, separation into Oneness.

Love’s powerful transforming effects within women are activated in three ways:

1) Love yourself (warts and all).

2) Love all (yes, all).

3) Join with those who believe in and are practicing the power of love to transmute our world.

Living from love and the intelligence of the heart and gut, creates a high frequency field. This field of love is the power that Deities, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Beings of Light have been modeling and teaching humanity for centuries. Are we ready to finally listen, understand and embrace this way of being?

Love can no longer be a mental concept; love, from the actual heart and gut—not the mind—is our salvation. Love is an active, awakened practice, chosen moment by moment and expressed through our thoughts, words and deeds.

Become acutely aware of the ingredients you are placing into the stew of life.

You do this by constantly asking yourself,

“Is this the highest, most loving thought, word or action I can gift to myself and our world in this moment?”

Your answer to, and the action you take based on this one question, creates our new world.

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