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NWW Weekly Connection

November 28, 2021
Why Keep Going?

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt the world was heavy on your shoulders, a dream that you held dear in your heart was fading or that the way you’d envisioned things to be wasn’t how they were turning out?

You are not alone. Our visions, dreams and aspirations, both personal and professional, can take turns we hadn’t anticipated--or desired. Yet there is a secret at work--on our behalf--that we may not be paying attention to.

The secret is that delays or changes can open doors in a big way to greater ideas or outcomes. What’s required is faith--faith in a larger plan for greater good.

When the three of us found out that the software being developed for our bold New World Women vision would take five months (not the six or eight weeks we thought it might), we were able to access faith and stay calm.

We allowed ourselves to see the larger plan and saw how there was tremendous wisdom in the timing of everything--that went far beyond what our human minds were wanting to have happen.

This Divine timing allowed us to focus on finding and attracting some of our top-level Luminaries (New World Women Academy teachers and experts), which we're doing with grace and ease.

We are able to focus on the most minute details of our vision, incorporate them into our software and also invite more women to share our vision by becoming Founding Mothers (First Founders).

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision,
then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." ~ Audre Lorde

Here’s what we observed that might be helpful to you:

1) It is a gift to know there is the Divine’s larger plan for us and an even greater gift when we acknowledge it and flow with it.

2) When we access faith that something greater can emerge, we feel supported to move forward--and we feel blessed along the way.

3) Our initial vision, idea or desire may be more focused on an individual desire for an individual outcome. When we open ourselves to the possibility that our vision might be the seed that grows into serving and helping many more people too--we are part of changing the world.

Keep going. Bring your heart, your ideas, your dreams, your vision to New World Women. Our like-hearted community of women welcomes you, understands you and supports you.

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