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November 20, 2022
The Power of the Divine Feminine

Many of the attributes of the Divine Feminine (love, kindness, caring, compassion, connection, intuition and creativity, to name a few) have been labeled in our cultures around the world, as “weak,” “unimportant,” “women’s stuff.”

Yet, in our hearts, we know these Feminine attributes are great strengths and hold the key to a loving and awakened world—and should be honored, respected and revered.

Masculine attributes are important as well, and should be honored in equal measure. “The divine feminine and divine masculine are the sacred polarities that exist in creation, [sometimes] described as the heart and the brain, the earth and the spirit, the yin and the yang,” says Andrea Donnelly, celestial mentor and quantum sound and energy healer.

All people and nature itself contain both Feminine and Masculine attributes. Think of the seed in the soil (Feminine), which can only push up through the earth by the force of the Masculine.

So, why focus so much on the Divine Feminine aspects at this time in history? Simple answer: those Feminine aspects have not been seen as valuable as the Masculine. We need both—yet healthy and whole versions of them, rather than distorted ones as we have seen with a dominating patriarchal system in control.

In New World Women, many of our Sisters believe that rather than fighting against something we don’t like (unhealthy patriarchy), let’s replace it with something better. Let us complete the patriarchy and withdraw our energy from it in every way we can.

What does your heart tell you about this? What does it look like to “complete the patriarchy?”

1) Trust yourself more—your intuition, your desire to help and assist, your heart to love (starting within yourself and working outward), your true release of fear.

2) Stay in community with like-hearted people. This will build your spiritual confidence to bring and keep loving attributes in your life—so you can spread that energy in meaningful ways to others.

3) Let go of “fight” energy and fear. Walk in love and leave a wake of kindness along your path. Withdraw your energy from anything that is unlike love, to the best of your ability.

4) See and use the magnificent power inside yourself to do your inner work constantly and diligently, so you are a clear vessel for love.

Let's create a new world where there is no hierarchy. There is Oneness.

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