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NWW Weekly Connection

May 7, 2023
A Woman's Strength

“Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you facing any challenge in your life right now? Or have you in the past few months or years? Have you reasoned that you “just have to be strong?”

The word strength has a lot of synonyms. Power, energy, solidity, robustness and soundness are just a few. Yet, what does a woman do when she is faced with a challenge and doesn’t feel any of these synonyms arise from within her? Has that ever happened to you?

In addition to these sparkling words, perhaps at times, a women’s wisdom inspires her to look at strength differently. Sometimes strength is simply being—being in the moment, taking a pause, waiting it out, until feeling whole, at peace and rejuvenated—and then taking action.

In good farming practices, farmers allow their fields to rest between plantings. The amount of time varies, yet the effects are profound: healthier and more nutritious crops and alignment with Mother Earth.

Let’s become acutely aware within ourselves, when a time to “rest our field” is needed—and then, without guilt or shame, allow ourselves to do just that.

We, and the new world we are creating, are better because of the strength we gain by pausing, resting and simply being. Give yourself permission—and then proceed with fresh energy, inspired and strong, moving in the direction of what you are called to do and be.

As Eleanor Roosevelt suggests, let’s acknowledge our strength no matter how hot the water gets—and have a good cup of tea while we’re at it!

Steeping in strength,

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