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May 3, 2022
Morgan James - Sharing Her Light

Why would New World Women be writing about a rock play focused on the Christ resurrection story, when we embrace all spiritual paths, favoring none? Read on.

If we were seated in the soft red-velvet seats at the theater nearly 50 years ago, watching the original cast perform Jesus Christ Superstar, we could never have imagined there would be an all-female cast of Jesus Christ Superstar!

Morgan James, the originator of Jesus Christ Superstar: Highlights From the All-Female Studio Cast Recording, may be seen by some as a rebel, tampering with the story of Christ’s teachings, death and resurrection.

Yet, wasn’t Jesus himself a rebel when he went beyond the Old Testament’s portrayal of God* as punishing and vengeful—and instead taught us of the love of God—and to forgive and love one another rather than get even?

Ms. James has given us a gift. She listened to a dream she had, and manifested it through feminine principles—collaboration, intuition, connection, community, creativity and love.

In the video in this link, you will see a remarkable triumph and understand Morgan James’ inspired intention. And don't miss her powerful rendition of "Gethsemane" at 03:24!

Over the past few years and even before, we may have experienced pain ourselves. Perhaps we had moments when we felt we were being crucified in some way. The message and metaphor of Jesus Christ Superstar is that even in our darkest moments, we can overcome, resurrect, if you will, to a new way of being.

Jesus, and many enlightened sages and teachers throughout history (and today), who focused on love, compassion and acceptance, are of great value—particularly in times like these.

May we remember these principles in all we do—and practice them as best we can.

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