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NWW Weekly Connection

May 28, 2023
Friends: The Family We Choose

Many of us are blessed with loving, kind and supportive families, those who understand us and truly see who we are at our core--and like what they see. Or, though we love them, we may not fully have the support and understanding from our biological families to the degree we wish. This is where friends come in.

Friends are the family we choose. Friends do not have the blood ties that biological family have, yet there is a bond that is equally essential and provides untold blessings in our lives.

Bring to mind a friend you love.

- How did this friendship come into being?
- What drew you together, at a heart level?
- What values do the two of you share?
- What do you cherish together?
- At what moment did you know, deep within you, that this friend was in your heart, a keeper, so to speak?
- Was is a moment when you both laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes?
- Was it when the two of you walked a difficult path together and came out on the other side, stronger and -better, together?
- Was it a passion you both share that connected you?
- What was it for you that united you with this friend?

For the three of us, friendship feels like sisterhood, and in many ways, it is. We love one another unconditionally, we have a shared passion (New World Women!), we respect one another—and we laugh a lot— a whole lot! We find joy in one another’s presence, support one another and cheer each other on with love. We hope you feel the loving energy of our friendship with one another radiating out to you.

If you read our Weekly Connection email, participate in our Birds of a Feather Together Calls, are a New World Women Founding Mother—or interact with us in any way, we believe you are attracted to the energy of the friendship the three of us tend, nurture and enjoy. Even if we may not know you well, energetically, we think of you as the family we choose and hope you feel the same about us.

Friendship is a gift, one that with its loving presence, creates a new world. For family, and for our chosen family, we are truly grateful.

With you in our hearts,

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