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NWW Weekly Connection

May 12, 2024
How Attributes of Mothering Activate the "Heart Brain"

May the attributes of the great mother archetype bless your life: with powerful and fierce love, compassion, healing, nurturance, forgiveness, guidance, tenderness and care.

Mothers, when at their highest and best, are by our sides in beingness, and through their watchful hearts, set us on a journey of becoming. If you were blessed to have a mother like this, then may she be celebrated today, Mother's Day here in the U.S. And if you did not, may you be to others all the ways you wished had been given to you. 

In this week's Birds of a Feather Together Call, evidence-based intuitive therapist, yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher, Ellen Slater, will share her expertise in neurobiology and teach us about the "heart brain" and so much more. What an ideal topic for us as New World Women!

Together, in this free, one-hour Zoom for women, we will:

1. Learn practices to expand our hearts and build neuropathways of intuition and love.
2. Learn evidence-based practices that activate the heart.
3. Discover and strengthen the language of our hearts.
4. Embody self-compassion--and be able to teach it to others!

Save your spot here:

Have a lovely day, dear one--and open your heart to love for yourself--creating the basis for our loving new world.

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