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March 5, 2023
Who was (is) that woman for you?

On March 8th, much of the world will celebrate International Women’s Day.

It’s nice to have a day that honors women, yet women do so much to make a positive difference in the world for the other 364 days of the year, too!

There are plenty of women who will be publicly recognized for their contributions during the month of March — and yay for that!!!

We thought it might also be lovely to focus on a woman in your life who truly inspired or helped you at some point in your life.

Think of a woman who, with her love, guidance, support or acceptance, changed you for the better in some way.

Who was (is) that woman for you?

What would it feel like to take a moment and reach out in some way to say thank you, or if that woman is no longer here on this earth, send a thank-you her way through the ethers?

Chances are, you have been that loving, supportive woman in someone’s life. Try reflecting on someone you know you have supported, loved or uplifted — and feel the delicious rush of love that comes your way!

No matter the outcome (because you may have given from your heart only to have it stomped on), it’s the love you gave and continue to give —that truly matters.

Isn’t it wonderful to acknowledge and recognize the kindness and love we have received and given?

“More kindness and love please” can be our mantra and our way of being. Each of us living with love in our heart is a beautiful way to create our new world. Let’s choose love.

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