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NWW Weekly Connection

March 31, 2024
A Love Story Like No Other

What would your life be like if you were in love with yourself? If you took a look back to who you were as a little girl, the journey you’ve taken, and who you are now, what could you honestly say you love about yourself?

Do tenacity, dedication, creativity, resilience, kindness, inclusion, generosity, compassion, come to mind for you? Other attributes? What are they? Really. Take a moment to look back over your life in little snapshots of you being a version of yourself you love.

We can get so enmeshed in self-discovery, learning the next new way to evolve or be better in some way, that the constant striving keeps us pushing forward without seeing who we have already become!

"You once dreamed of becoming the you that you are now." ~Eileen Rose

In the week ahead, please hold yourself tenderly, remembering the journey you have taken that has brought you to who you are now. Stop focusing on what’s missing in your life (you may find nothing is) and continue writing/ living your love story.

Let go of old programming that told us we are, and will always be, bad, wrong, or not enough. When you love or are in love with yourself, you are loving your Divine Essence—and opening your heart to loving others more deeply.

May all of our love stories interconnect and a new world of oneness be our shared experience.

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