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NWW Weekly Connection

March 3, 2024
The Creative Power of Hope - Wishing CAN Make It So!

What is that one thing you really wish with all your heart would happen? How fully do you feel a sense of hope about it? Or, are you convinced on some level, you shouldn’t be hopeful because you don’t want to be disappointed if your wish doesn’t materialize?

Being hopeful has taken a bad rap over the years. Hope has been aligned with the concept of wishing, and many of us were taught “Wishing doesn’t make it so.”

But what if hoping and wishing are two very real paths to creation?

In NWW co-founder Dawn Morningstar's book Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, she illuminates the process of creating and manifesting by using intention, intuition and feeling—hopeful, from a sincere heart.

A major component of intention is focus. It can be challenging to remain focused in a world filled with bright and shiny objects that distract us from our dreams, goals and visions.

It's helpful to ask yourself when forming an intention:

1. In clear terms, what is my intention around X?

2. Why do I want X?

3. How does X serve my evolution or expansion—and how might it make a difference in the lives of others?

Keep your focus upon your intention in the same way a 3-year-old covets a treasured teddy bear.

Carry your intention with you everywhere.

Once your intention is clear and the reasons for it align with your soul, tap into the whisper of your intuition to guide you along the path of creation/manifestation. Trust it. Trust yourself.

Feeling/emotion/energy are other vital ingredients in the creation/manifestation formula. True power lies deep within our feelings!

Feeling your heart’s desire as though it has already happened and being profoundly grateful for it, aligns the energetic frequency of your desire with its manifestation. The frequency of your feelings acts as a super magnet!

Manifest away, dear Sister!!! Keep hope in your heart. The more of us who are joyful, happy and fulfilled, the better our world becomes. You deserve it—and so does everyone else.

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