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NWW Weekly Connection

March 26, 2023
Making a Little History with You!

For centuries, many of women’s accomplishments have been missing from history books.

With the help, love and support of some visionary women, New World Women is creating some women’s history for the future—in the present!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing some numbers from NWW's journey so far:

912: days Mecca, Shawn and Dawn have been working on the creation of New World Women

0: times the three of us began a meeting without prayer/centering

75: visionary women who have become New World Women Founding Mothers

35: NWW Luminary teachers from around the world who will begin teaching in 2023-24

4,500: hours spent by our Epixel team of women programmers and coders to create NWW software

49: days until beta testing of our new software begins

1,000,000 plus: women we envision joining NWW from around the globe

5: minutes it takes to become a New World Women Founding Mother

Women, let us gather together, support one another's dreams and create a new world of love for all.

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