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NWW Weekly Connection

March 10, 2024
Are You Ready to Play Big(ger)?

Women have played small, shrunk to fit, kept quiet, for centuries. There are many micro and macro reasons stemming from culture, society, religion and patriarchal influence that have caused this to be the case.

Early on in life, women were taught that to be a good girl meant going along with and being quiet about whatever was happening (even if it was detrimental to the girl or others).

This confined and controlling way of being went far beyond damaging girls; an epidemic of disempowered women emerged over centuries. Play small, women were taught. Allow yourself to be controlled, was the message from every direction.

What if instead of allowing this early programming (and conditioning from ancestors), we decided to claim our own inner sovereignty and play big—with full heart and courage? What would that look like? How would it feel?

Who would we be and what could our world become?

What does it even mean to play big? It's different for each person, yet the underlying energy is one of self-sovereignty. The word sovereignty means self-governing, having power or authority. Add the word self or inner in front of the word sovereignty, and we have ourselves an inspirational phrase that helps us live big, make a difference and stop apologizing for our wisdom. With a self-sovereign perspective, women have agency over their own bodies, minds, hearts and lives.

So, try giving the idea of sovereignty (inner-sovereignty or self-sovereignty) a whirl in your life.

Pop on a literal or figurative crown and say to yourself, “I have sovereignty over my life. I am wise and I trust myself. I do not need to apologize or get permission from anyone to be the woman I came to earth to be. I am no longer alone. I’ve got my sovereign sisters with me.” When women rise, so does all of humanity—and a new world is born.

Embracing a new world of self-sovereignty for all.

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