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NWW Weekly Connection

June 26, 2022
Kristine Beck - Sharing Her Light

What vision! What tenacity!

When Kristine Beck unearthed a dream within her and held it as a spiritual vision, all the forces came together to support her in its manifestation. The beautiful result is Kinstone Circle.

The three of us were honored and thrilled to host our very first New World Women in-person event celebrating the Summer Solstice, there at Kinstone, Kristine’s vision.

There are many things that inspire us about Kristine’s heart’s desire and what evolved from it.

One thing stands out: Kristine’s tenderness and respect for the 30 acres of land. She honors the requests of the land and states that she does not own the land, she is a kind steward of it.

The daughter of a farmer, Kristine grew up on the land. When she acquired it, her dream more fully emerged.

In Kristine’s own words:

Kinstone is a 30-acre haven of peaceful beauty filled with stone sculpture, natural buildings, restored native prairie, oak savanna and spectacular views over the Mississippi River.

At Kinstone, connecting to the land is the highest goal. Journey along our Way of the Stones, hug the megaliths, lose yourself in the art of our natural buildings, walk the labyrinth, leave a prayer on the Tree of Intention, re-member your ancestors at the Dolmen. Engage all of your senses.

Listen to the sounds of life around you. Look at the beauty and wonder throughout the place. Feel the breezes and sunshine; touch the water in Basin Rock. Smell the fresh scent of the prairie and gardens of herbs and flowers. Savor the tranquility of this sacred site.

Visit Kinstone to immerse yourself in the wonders of the earth and experience the power of the land and sky to transform and renew. This place may help you to feel more connected to nature; you may find yourself feeling personally refreshed and renewed.

Kristine also shares and supports the vision of New World Women, and once again, demonstrated her commitment to the creation of a new world. by becoming a New World Women Founding Mother.

She believes women benefit in numerous ways by being part of the NWW sisterhood of like-hearted women.

You can become a Founding Mother, too! Let's co-create the world we want to see and to live in--together!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, Kristine, for your vision and energy--and for collaborating with us to co-create a day our NWW Summer Solstice attendees (and us!) were delighted to experience.

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