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June 25, 2023
Sweaty-Palm Truth-Telling: Respecting Ourselves and Those We Love

Think about this concept for a moment: we have to teach people how to treat us. This may feel like a foreign idea because we may assume people will treat us the way we want/need--or that they will treat us in the kind ways we aim to treat them!

You may have remained stuck in old patterns or behaviors that you, or people in your life, have gotten used to--and now you simply don’t want to do or be anymore.

One of the ways to respect yourself--and others--is by practicing “sweaty-palm truth-telling.”

Sweaty-palm truth-telling is when you, with a loving heart, speak up for yourself or share with another person (or group) that you want to do something in a different way--a better way, for you. This may feel uncomfortable to you and to them.

Some people in our lives may want us to stay just as we were for their own reasons. This is not good or bad, really, but rather how human nature works. Change can be challenging.

During this time in human evolution, we are called to transform and change in meaningful ways. Saying no to certain old behaviors that don’t make us feel like the highest version of ourselves, and telling the truth of who we are and what’s important to us (to ourselves and others!), is a powerful path.

Speaking your truth, with kindness and compassion, may cause your palms to sweat a little--because you may have grown used to acquiescing and not “rocking the boat!”

You may even feel you are being disrespectful or fear the anger that may arise in another when you truthfully say, “This doesn’t work for me anymore” or some version of that.

Thinking that another person can’t handle the truth is a myth. The truth is in the space anyway, even when it’s not spoken. Telling someone the truth of who you are, what’s important to you and how you want to do things going forward, respects the other person, and certainly respects you.

Sweaty palms are a small price to pay for living in a way that matches your energy and beliefs.

Truth-telling is best when it’s not used to try to convince others to change their minds, but rather to be clear about what you believe and how you want to express in your life.

Here are the ABCs of sweaty-palm truth-telling:

A. Ask permission to share what's in your heart

B. Be compassionate

C. Choose good timing

Telling the truth of who you are is another step in creating a new world of respect, love, kindness and caring.

Speaking our truth,

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