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NWW Weekly Connection

July 9, 2023
That's a Good Question!

Women tend to be good connectors. We love sharing our stories, tips and wisdom with those in our lives. And we enjoy hearing what others have in their hearts too.

One of the beautiful ways to deepen our connections with others is to ask thoughtful, out-of-the-ordinary questions that spark greater conversations and show that we care.

Ordinary questions like “How are you?” and “How was your day?” are fine enough, yet usually get the same kinds of responses. “I’m fine,” or “Really busy,” or some version of those answers are what we get. Hmmm. Where do we go from there?

Asking questions like “What brought joy to your heart today?” or “How did you gain the wisdom to make that choice?” or “Who is showing you love with her actions?” take the conversation on a more fulfilling journey.

Other engaging questions are:

1. What’s inspiring you these days?

2. How are you using your gifts in a way that makes you happy?

3. What does your intuition tell you about this?

4. What did you learn that would lead you to do something differently next time?

5. Where do you think this situation is leading you?

6. How did that make you feel?

One of the simplest and most engaging requests is “Tell me more.” When asked with genuine curiosity and love, the person in front of you opens like a flower!

What do you do when someone keeps on talking (and it’s time to wrap up) and does what is known as “over-sharing?” Signal that the conversation needs to come to an end by saying “Let’s continue this next time we connect.” Another way to gracefully end a conversation is by saying, “Before we wrap up, what’s one quick thing that’s left undone or unsaid?”

We are at a time in which interconnectedness is key to deepening our understanding of one another’s lives, which results in loving and supportive relationships. Asking deepening questions connects our hearts and creates our new world in sweet ways.

Delicious conversations often start with thought-provoking questions. How could you ask a new kind of question to someone you love?

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