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July 25, 2021
Say Farewell to Broken, Old Patriarchal Systems

"I think that any time of great pain is a time of transformation, a fertile time to plant new seeds.”
~ Debbie Ford

Change is happening in every direction--some of it uninvited, some of it welcomed, some necessary, some of it long overdue.

Many are waking up and seeing old, unhelpful patriarchal systems that need transformation: healthcare (or sick care as Marianne Williamson calls it), religion (those that promote separation and do not allow women to hold true leadership roles), politics (the very definition of division in these times), education (withholding defining historical lessons from students), treatment of Mother Earth (with the signs of humanity’s disrespect plainly obvious now) and many others.

The activist in us may feel angry about necessary changes that aren’t happening and the pacifist in us may feel hopeless that much-need transformation can happen in time.

Though, the feminine heart beating in our chests at this very moment knows from her core what needs to be done in each of these essential areas of life: love.

No longer a cliché, we recognize that love is truly the answer. Love is both gentle and powerful--and creates the transformation we seek.

Three ways to let go of broken, old patriarchal systems:

1. Use your intuition to uncover what the motivation for the broken system was or is (fear, greed, power over, separation, ignorance, disrespect, etc.)

2. Find it in your heart to have compassion for the lack of love that created the system in the first place (hard, but necessary). Hurt people hurt people.

3. The most important step of all: REPLACE IT. Empower yourself to replace the old systems through every loving thought you think, every loving word you speak, every loving action you take.

Together, New World Women stay engaged, discover their dear gifts of service to humanity and share them. No longer alone, we are a mighty force for transformation.

Envision 1,000,000 New World Women sharing their gifts, fully supported, abundant and joyful. With one voice, we say farewell to broken, old patriarchal systems that serve the few--replacing them with love, connection, kindness and respect that serve and uplift the many.

And to Mother Earth we say, “We are sorry. Please forgive us. We promise to do better. We love you.”

Become a New World Women First Founder today and let us transform the world together. If you already are, thank you making a grand and loving vision of humanity become a reality.

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