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NWW Weekly Connection

July 2, 2023
We Are Family!

As three loving and self-aware Caucasian women co-founders, we cherish the importance of inclusion and diversity, core values in New World Women.

We know in our hearts that when the beauty of all people is appreciated, loved and respected, humanity operates at its highest level--and greater happiness emerges for all.

When meeting with one of our newest Founding Mothers, Jewelean Jackson, a conversation emerged about sisterhood and the Black community. Ms. Jackson, who is a pillar in the Black community in the Twin Cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis, USA), has dedicated her life to helping others and continues to do so in a myriad of ways.

When Dawn and Jewelean discussed racial issues in America, the topic went deep. Jewelean pointed out how America loves Black music, sports, fashion and entertainment (just to name a few Black contributions)--but does not always grant the respect due those artists and sports figures. And in many cases, Black music or fashion is whitewashed or culturally appropriated.

Jewelean was kind, yet instructive, when Dawn shared that back in the 1970s, Dawn went to a Black hairdresser to have her hair done in “Bo Derek” braids. At the time, Dawn did not know that she (and the white actor Bo Derek who starred in the movie "10") was borrowing a hairstyle from Black people and, in essence, was being disrespectful.

What do we do when we learn how our actions may disrespect another culture? As Maya Angelou wisely states, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

In the spirit of doing better, let’s all do better--through our awareness, respect and kindness toward one another. At our core, we are all one.

The song “We Are Family” by four sisters, Sister Sledge, is a fine example of Black talent and heart.

We hope you dance a little around your living room and feel gratitude to and respect for these women (and their message in this song) and all of our Black and Brown sisters and brothers around the world. We are family.

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