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July 18, 2021
3 Ways Connection Increases Unity, Presence and Gratitude

“The path of the feminine is connection.” ~ Mirabai Starr

Many of us have learned the essential nature of connection after long months in a pandemic that limited some of the forms of connection we enjoy most. (Think hugging, sharing a meal in person, looking into the eyes of a friend, hearing music at a live concert, gathering with loved ones).

To connect is to link, unite or join together. And when connection is practiced with intention, it also brings you the deeper gifts of presence and gratitude. Here’s how:

1. Connection is a basic and beautiful desire from deep within the human soul. When connection is made, the opportunity to feel heard, understood and validated rises--and happiness for both the giver and receiver increases.

2. In the Feminine, connection is the natural and preferred way of being. Though some say the feminine can be catty, competitive or divisive, they may be seeing the distorted and unhealthy expression of the Feminine, which emerged from centuries of patriarchy. (Upper and lower case “feminine” used to show the difference between the higher and healthy form of the Feminine and the lower and unhealthy form of the feminine. The same applies to Masculine and masculine.)

The Feminine at its best connects--using the gifts of collaboration, inclusion and unity. We in New World Women are devoted to the highest expression of the Feminine in all ways--and are big on connection.

3. Connection between and among people is lovely--as is the attention you are paying to the words you are reading right now, the hug you lean deeply into feeling the heartbeat of your friend, the warm piece of laundry you gently fold fresh from the dryer, the magnificent tree you appreciate as you walk by it on your morning walk.

Connection to every single person, experience and thing you encounter brings you smack dab into the present moment--and creates a dear form of gratitude that blesses everything!

New World Women invites you to connect with yourself, your Divine, others--in deeper ways than ever before. Let’s walk the path together, arm in arm, heart to heart connected as the sisters we are--in service to the world that we renew with our love and kind attention.

NWW's Luminary teachers and thought leaders will bring you extraordinary new perspectives, deepen your own wisdom and keep you inspired--connected within a community of like-hearted sisters. Shine your light; the world needs it and it is the reason you are here.

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