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NWW Weekly Connection

January 8, 2023
2023: Your Wisdom Is Calling

Many of us have been reflecting on the joys, lessons and gifts we received in 2022—and entering 2023 with fine intentions to become the highest and best versions of ourselves going forward. This feels hopeful!

Along with your resolutions, promises to yourself, intentions, aims, goals or declarations (if you make them) here’s something to consider. How about an inspiration for 2023 tailor-made for those of us who are creating a new world?

You can think of it as your NWW Wisdom Calling 2023.

We named this a calling because, at the core of all of our desires, we are called to make things better in some way.

Our inner wisdom calls us to evolve, to come up higher, to do better, to be better, to experience better.

“Better” is a magnet pulling us toward improved futures: dreams manifested, lives lived happily, prosperously, lovingly.

The ending of one year, as it morphs into a brand new one, is the ideal time to take a moment to feel, see or do something in a freshly inspired way. What's calling you forward this year?

If you’re ready, here's our invitation to you.

1) For one week, choose an hour each day when you become fully aware that you are judging. Then decide not to judge ANYTHING or ANYONE (including yourself) as good or bad, right or wrong—or any other duality concept. (Use your phone to set an alarm for one hour, the same time each day.)

2) In week two, increase this Wisdom Calling from one hour to two hours each day.

3) In week three, increase this Wisdom Calling from two hours to three each day.

Affirmation: “I see _______ just as it is and there is nothing at all I need to do.”

What will this practice do for you?

You will begin to feel a true sense of profound peace and personal freedom—and just as important, you will be connecting into the Oneness and love our hearts seek.

Why does this practice work? Think of it like this—how do you feel when you are being judged? Does it elevate or uplift you? Nope.

When we judge ourselves, others or situations as good or bad, we put our stamp of approval or condemnation on everything we encounter (exhausting and very ego-based)--instead of allowing for peace, connection and possibility.

So what will you do with your extra time and energy and love when you let go of playing judge all day long?

We're sure you'll come up with something wonderful!

And how will you make decisions now, using this practice? The answer is to be present to what is in front of you, releasing all judgement. In this way you will find even better decisions than you found using good versus bad, right versus wrong, etc.

We cannot create the new world we seek, or the new lives we are personally ready for, by doing things the old way we did them.

Let's ring in the new!

We hope you will join with us as we say yes to this NWW Wisdom Calling in 2023--and we look forward to New World Women's 2nd phase launching soon!

May 2023 be a portal of peace, love and prosperity for you and your loved ones.

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