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January 22, 2023
Women and Wealth

How do we heal the feminine wound around money and power?

If you have all the financial abundance you need or want, you can stop reading here. If not, read on.

Over the years in women’s gatherings, when the topic of wealth or money came up, women would say things like:

“I’ve worked hard and made a good living, so I’m fine. Women have the same opportunities as men.”

“I would rather not talk about money—life is about more than money.”

“I earn money but never seem to have enough. I tend to give it away to those who need it more: family, friends, causes I believe in.”

“No matter what I do, I never seem to have enough money to do the things I dream of—like sharing my gifts in the world without worrying about finances, practicing self-care in meaningful ways or learning new things that cost money, traveling, caring for those I love, living in a home that truly reflects who I am.”

The list goes on.

It is true that many women have cracked the code on how to live abundant lives, yet there are many women who still do not live with financial sufficiency or meaningful abundance. This matters because when women have all they need to live prosperous lives, everyone in their orbit benefits—and our world becomes better for more people.

For example, it was as recent as the 1960s in the U.S. that women gained the right to open their own bank accounts without their husbands’ permission! In some parts of the world, women still do not have that right.

And when we served women in prison halfway houses in Minnesota, we discovered that many women were incarcerated because they were trying to have enough money just to live. As illegal and misguided as their actions were, they were simply trying to survive (and in many cases, support their children).

How can women influence the world for good when they do not have the power and freedom that money provides?

When the three of us were co-creating New World Women, we agreed that women’s financial freedom was to be a key component. That led us to create the WEALTH Ways and a Path to Prosperity as foundational pieces of our sisterhood.

Of course, wealth is about more than money, which is why we created the acronym WEALTH (Wisdom, Enjoyment, Abundance, Love, Tranquility and Health). All six areas of a woman’s life are equally important.

We spent hundreds of hours focused on how we could help women bring more financial abundance into their lives—without selling anything, without taking on more work. Most of us are already very busy and don’t need or want another job!

So we came up with an inspired way to bring more money into women’s lives by rewarding them financially for doing things women already do (learning new things, staying inspired, helping others). Our unique design also rewards women financially for doing things women are not always as good at (practicing self care, claiming their worth, staying in like-hearted community).

We cannot create a new world doing things the old ways.

New World Women is an innovative solution to healing the imbalance of money and power women experience and is fully based on Divine Feminine principles.

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