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NWW Weekly Connection

January 21, 2024
Women & Wealth - How do you think about these 6 forms of wealth in your life?

Over the years, we’ve seen (and experienced ourselves), how we and other women have formed a funky relationship with money and power.

If you have all the money you need or don’t know a single woman who struggles with money, read no further.

“I’m not doing this for money,” is a common phrase, sometimes stated by women who are barely staying afloat financially.

“Taking money for my (gift) feels like it diminishes it, makes it less sacred or less spiritual. I’m doing this from my heart,” is another way women talk about money. It becomes a purity test of sorts.

In many cases, these phrases come from women who have extraordinary talent and vision for how to make the world better. Ans so we ask:

- Could having more money help a woman share her gifts on a larger scale for greater impact - while providing her personal freedom, confidence and joy?

- What woman wouldn't love more time to enjoy with her child, grandchild, furbaby, sweetheart or dear friend?

- Could these and other ways that women relate to money and other forms of wealth be key to transforming our world? 

- Why do we turn away from the currency that can facilitate leading a fulfilling life in all aspects?

It’s understandable that women feel this way. For centuries, women have had zero control over or say about money—and they were expected to serve, do without and keep a smile on their faces as they did.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that women in the U.S. could get a credit card or mortgage in their own name without a male signature on the application!

The time has come for women to be in control of their OWN wealth and self-sufficient in every way.

Back in 2020, when the three of us were co-creating New World Women, we knew that, in addition to providing like-hearted sisterhood, teachings and inspiration, paying women in real money was an essential way we can support women’s self-empowerment. It’s a huge missing piece in many women's lives.

We also realized that wealth comes in many forms, so we created the acronym phrase WEALTH Ways to illustrate this: Wisdom, Enjoyment, Abundance, Love, Tranquility and Health.

Open your life so that your giving is balanced with your receiving.

A new way that women can both honor their gifts and receive liberating compensation is to approach life from both the masculine attribute of taking action—and the feminine attribute of receiving with love and gratitude.

Let’s each do our part to shift the energy around our concept of wealth so that we live from a place of inner power. In doing so, we can transform the entire world. When women do better, so does everyone around them!

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