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NWW Weekly Connection

February 18, 2024
What if you're already there?

If you can take a deep breath and soften your focus for a moment, you may more fully awaken to the idea that this time really is a magical one.

Yes, there is a lot of hard stuff happening, which is not to be discounted, yet…

…there is also a lot of connection, love, compassion, kindness and caring going on—and many people are awakening to what it means to be a whole and optimal human being.

We see inner healing and upliftment of others everywhere—if we turn our eyes and hearts in that direction, rather than in the direction of the ugly noise that comes from those fearing change/transformation.

Imagine yourself as centered in your fabulous goodness as a human—already having reached your goals, manifested your dreams and having fully woken up to the truth of who you really are—a brilliant light, with a heart of boundless love.

Don’t you think it’s time we remember that we came here to do big and wonderful things—all done with a heart of love?!

What if we’re already there?

Proclaiming it so.

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