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August 29, 2021
4 Gifts Gained from Sweaty-Palm Truth Telling

“When a woman tells the truth, she creates the possibility for more truth around her.” ~ Adrienne Rich

Sweaty-palm truth telling is when one goes deep into the truth of a matter lovingly and fearlessly, not avoiding, but rather embracing the power of truth.

1. Telling the truth to ourselves about ourselves when it’s perceived as “negative” can be uncomfortable, yet provides tremendous liberation.

2. The practice of seeing ourselves as we are (warts and all, without judgment) allows us to feel whole and authentic--and helps us embrace all of our humanity.

3. Inner-truth telling helps us to feel compassion for others too. Perfection is not the gift here; inner peace is!

4. Sometimes we avoid telling another the truth of what we are really feeling because don’t want to hurt their feelings. What if we began to share the truth of our feelings with another in order to show them that we respect them? In the movie A Few Good Men, Jack Nicolson’s character shouts, “You can’t HANDLE the truth.” Everyone can handle the truth if it’s shared with:

-Permission (Ask "May I share something with you about X?")

- Compassion

- Good Timing!

Our respect for you is why we want to tell you this truth: New World Women has a lot of moving pieces and is in start-up mode. We are not striving for perfection, but excellence. And we are depending on you to share your truth about your NWW experiences so we can grow together. Thank you!

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