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August 27, 2023
The Sacredness of Food

Years ago, at a buffet following a Sunday morning meditation gathering, a little girl raised her hands in a blessing motion after she’d filled her plate. She smiled, closed her eyes and with a pure and earnest voice said, “I spiritualize this food and am grateful.”

A few of the adults within earshot of the little girl’s profound statement stopped in their tracks. One of them said, “That’s the most beautiful blessing of food I’ve ever heard.”

The food we eat, in addition to delighting our sense of taste and nourishing our bodies, can become an essential part of our sacred practices. Being present with food as we purchase it, prepare and then eat it, can nurture our souls as well as our bodies.

The energy with which we prepare our food impacts how it is received by our bodies. You may have experienced this yourself. Think of a time you slapped together a meal when you were anxious, upset or even angry. How did that meal taste to you—or others with you?

A NWW Founding Mother tells the story of making one of her family’s favorite meals, one they absolutely loved. She’d had a terrible day and rather than getting herself into a calm and loving state before preparing the meal, she remained upset and “made the damn meal.”

Not surprisingly, the meal and conversation at the table were less than ideal. Looking back, she is sure that that sad dinnertime was impacted by her energy and flowed outward to those she loved.

Food is sacred.

Many have improved their health or healed from serious illnesses by changing the way they eat. It’s interesting that medical training in the U.S. and perhaps other parts of the world, does not include very meaty* (pun intended) education regarding the importance of nutrition in overall health and wellbeing.

Some tips for spiritualizing your food:

Choose and buy organic, fresh and lively-looking food when grocery shopping. Feel the energy of each item before placing it in your cart.

1. To the best of your ability, be present, calm and grateful as you prepare your meals.

2. Be seated when eating a meal or even a snack.

3. Create a sense of tranquility, presence and beauty at mealtimes.

4. Eat slowly, allowing your tastebuds to relish the food in your mouth. Feel deep appreciation for each bite and welcome sacred nourishment into your body and soul.

We thank the little girl at the buffet table, who reminded us to spiritualize our food. And we affirm the existence of a new world in which all people have easy access to healthy and delicious food.

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