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NWW Weekly Connection

April 9, 2023
Tending Our Mother

Can you remember a particular moment in your life when you felt so close to Mother Earth that you experienced being one with her?

Envision what our world will be like when more of us capture those moments of oneness with Mother Earth--loving and respecting her more of the time.

For millennia, an out-of-balance patriarchal system has treated women and Mother Earth similarly in many ways: use her for her beauty or what she can do for you, destroy her for gains and profits, own her, rape her of her innocence and great gifts, control her, leave her empty, move on to the next. We’re sure you can add to this list.

Women are natural tenders of Mother Earth.

Let us renew our commitment and re-claim our leadership roles as those who love, nurture and protect her.

In the sweet, dark, fertile caves of women’s inner awakening (re-awakening), we find a brilliantly lighted way forward. Just a few ways we demonstrate our respect and love for Mother Earth:

1. Making conscious choices of what and how much we purchase

2. Looking for minimal and Earth-friendly packaging of the products we buy

3. Seeing the value of composting, and if possible, doing it

4. Eating more plant-based meals

5. Falling more deeply in love with Mother Earth by spending more time with her

Every action, no matter how big or how small, matters. Even though Earth Day isn't for another few weeks, let’s make every day Earth Day!

New World Women makes a conscious global commitment and is dedicated to honoring our Mother Earth.

Together, we are creating a new world—that in this case, honors the old world—when Mother Earth was revered as sacred.

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